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great horned owl

Well here it is - today is the day - I am revising my website again. Hopefully I am making improvements that will make this website more enjoyable and informative. I have wanted to start writing a "blog" for a long time. This one will be about the "where and why" of this website.
The truth is I never liked the word "blog," it just sounds so blah blah, blah to me. As time has gone by, I have to admit there are some pretty good writers out there. I would have to work hard to have as much to say as the best of them.

I think my photographs are a good enough beginning for me to start a conversation here. I've spent time learning how to do this, and I feel I've got something to say about what it is to make these kinds of photographs. There's a lot to cover. Bird photography is about as challenging as any kind of photography, but it's not necessarily more interesting than any other kind. Good photographs have some common things that make them work whether their subjects are birds, landscapes, portraits, fashion, food, or whatever....

Some days you run into people in the field with questions. Maybe I can clarify my thoughts on the most common ones here. "What are you photographing?" is one of the hard questions to answer. In bird photography there isn't usually a single thing I am looking for, so I answer the best I can. One response is "Anything intersting". The other, depending on how I have sized up the questioner, is, "I'd like to photograph Bald Eagles doing their mating/bonding display, known as The Sky Dance, where they lock talons and tumble towards earth, only to let go at the last possible moment. I've seen and photographed it before, but haven't yet got the photos I would like...". The end result is a little more out of one's control. Some days, one doesn't photograph anything at all.

Then there's the near misses.... Everything done right, except the action is where the angle of the light is wrong, nothing you can do. Here's one like that.

Ok for now, there's more work to be done getting the new site in order. Please check back, send me comments or suggestions.

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